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Harka Sampang Rai – His Wiki, Education, Age, Family, Career, Bio, Net Worth & More


Jul 12, 2023

Harka Sampang Rai, also known as Harka Raj Sampang Rai, is a prominent Nepalese politician and currently serves as the mayor of Dharan Sub-Metropolitan city in the Sunsari District of Nepal. In addition to his political career, Rai is actively involved in social activism. He was elected as an independent candidate for the position of Mayor in the 2022 local elections of Nepal, running under the electoral symbol ‘Lauro.’

Born on 27 February 1983 in Khartamchha, Khotang, Nepal, Harka Sampang Rai completed his SLC (School Leaving Certificate) from Khotang. In pursuit of higher education, he relocated to Dharan in 1998.

Harka Raj Sampang Rai – Age, Wiki, Family & Many more.

Harka sampang Rai is the mayor of Dharan, Sunsari. He has been elected as the independent Mayor candidate Symbol ‘stick/ Lauro’ in Local election 2079. He has secured 20,821 votes. He has not spent much money in comparison to other political parties. He has spent approximately 1.5 lakh to promote local level elections on which, most of them were from the side of best well wishes.

The real name of Harka Rai is Harkaraj Sampang Rai. He is a multi-talented, versatile personality. He has started to work as a social worker and anti-corruption activist through songs and works in the early stage of life.

He is a brave man. He is a person who has full of patriotism. He has worked in a field in bad conditions and fights for the people of Dharan, who are in the worst condition. He is a good example of a Real Leader in Nepal. He has worked for the welfare of the people. He is a social activist who works against corruption. He worked for the preservation of Natural Resources and worked for the people of Dharan for a better lifestyle to fulfil their daily basic needs like water, electricity, food, and shelters.

Full Name Harka Raj Sampng Rai
Nepali Name हर्कराज साम्पाङ राई
Father’s Name Til Bikram Rai
Mother’s Name N/A
Date of Birth 27 February 1983
Height 5.3″
Birth Place Khartamchha, Khotang
Relation Married
Wife Name N/A
Children’s  N/A
Nationality Nepalese
Education graduated
Profession Politician and Social Activist
Income N/A


Following his higher education, Harkaraj Sampang ventured to Malaysia and two other countries for employment opportunities. After spending six years working overseas, he returned to Dharan and founded the National Unity Network, a movement aimed at combating corruption. Additionally, he took up driving an auto-rickshaw.

In the 2019 Local Election for the mayor of Dharan, Harkaraj Sampang Rai participated as an independent candidate but secured only 422 votes. However, in the 2022 election, he ran again as an independent candidate for the position of Dharan’s mayor and emerged victorious, garnering 39.8% of the votes.


Harkaraj Sampang Rai completed his SLC examinations from Khotang. Subsequently, in 1998, he relocated to Dharan for further studies and attended Mahendra Multiple Campus, where he successfully graduated.

Harka Sampang is a social activist person. He has been working for the people of Dharan as a social worker for more than 10 years. And then, he went to Malaysia and the other two countries abroad to work to improve his life. After returning to Nepal, he started to drive an auto-rickshaw and even started the business auto-rickshaw.

He is also involved in the agriculture work from his early stage of life. Recently, he was the mayor of the Dharan sub-metropolitan city of Nepal. He was elected as the independent candidate with the symbol ‘stick’. And he won the position of mayor. He worked for the welfare of the people.

Harka Sampang Rai Professional Journey Info

Harka Sampang Rai Profession Status
Profession Politician, Social Activist

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