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Pawan Khatiwada Biography, Wiki, Age, Girlfriend


Jul 12, 2023

Myakuri, Pawan Khatiwada is one of the well-known comedian YouTuber of Nepal. Within a short time, he made his unique identity among the many YouTubers and comedians. He is also a singer and spends his life as a teacher and RJ Profession. Read the Biography of Pawan Khatiwada.

Before coming to the comedy field he used to work in a different profession. In the initial days of moving to the acting and comedy field, he used to be a student of comedy writing.

He is the first batch student of comedy writing class and workshop by Kedar Prasad Ghimire. With time he got a huge fan following and was well known as Myakuri.

Pawan Khatiwada Biography

Date Of Birth 05/01/1994
Nationality Nepali
Birth Place Chaubise-5, Dhankuta
Age 29 years old
Occupation Comedian, Actor, Singer
Height 5 feet 4 inches
Current Address Kathmandu, Nepal
Field Tiktok, Music Videos
Education Status Bachelor’s of Science (BSC.), TU MSc. Physics Running
School/College n/a
Movie PLayed Sentivirus
Best Singer Udit Narayan/ Anju Panta
Net Worth 50-70 Lakh
Income 70K/Month Earning from YouTube Videos

Childhood, Family, and Education

The childhood of Myakuri was average. He spends his childhood days in a small family, his family believes in a small family as a happy family. Total there are 5 members in his family.
Including him, his family has 3 children. He has on sister named Bhawana Khatiwada and Brother Matrika Khatiwada.

As a professional, his father is a teacher. This was the reason his educational part was good. He had completed his Bachelor’s Degree and currently running for a Master’s Degree.

Pawan Khatiwada Family Info

Father N/A
Mother N/A
Sister Bhawana Khatiwada
Brother Matrika Khatiwada

His Profession – Teaching, RJ, Comedian, and Singing

We all know him as a comedian these days. If you are a true fan of him then you must know all the professions adopted by him in his previous life. Before coming to the entertainment world he used to work as a teacher. He spends 2 years of his life in the teaching profession. As more, he spends 1 year on RJ. He used to work as Radio Jockey too.

With time he took part in different comedy clubs and shows. From the initial days, he got a suitable response. By seeing this he joined YouTube and started to upload the videos. Sadly, the initial days were not as expected. By luck, he had time to play a side role in the movie Titled, SenitVirus.

Economically, the movie was average but got a positive response.
Sentivirus was the first movie of his career that acts as a ladder of his life. Finally, he gained a huge fan following. Now, he is a well-known comedian YouTuber of Nepal. On another side, unless only a few people know about his singing skills. Yes, he is also a singer.

Hobbies and Relationship

Singing, Dancing, and Acting are the hobbies of Myakuri. Myakuri loves acting much. The fund towards the acting results from success right now. He is good at acting. His acting and comedy make him be known by the thousands of Nepali.

As more, he loves dancing and singing. He revealed he loves singing. Pawan Khatiwada also made his identity as a singer.

While the relationship status of Pawan Khatiwada is single. Although his favorite heroine is Rekha Thapa and Niruta Singh, he is still single.

The PK Vines YouTube, Social Fan Following

After a continuous struggle of 3 years, he can stand YouTube among the thousands of Nepali audiences. He had joined YouTube in 2019. He used to upload comedy videos on his YouTube.

His comedy with the team is being loved by thousands of viewers. This is the reason it is well known for its nickname, Myakuri. Till now more than 500K users had subscribed to his YouTube channel.

In terms of social media, he is active on Facebook. We have got two Facebook profiles/pages. On both pages, he used to upload the latest contents and status.

With youtube, he is equally active on Facebook too. For this reason, he is gaining a good number of fan following and likes.

Facebook: LInk, 96K+ Followers
Link, 230K+ Followers
YouTube: Link, 530K+ Subscribers

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